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Charlotte Rogers

I graduated from Cardiff University in 2021 with a MEng in Medical Engineering. As part of my degree I spent a Year in Industry during which I worked as a project engineer, and studied at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore for a semester. This experience, as well as a placement at St.Thomas’ Hospital in London, gave rise to my interest in Medical Imaging.


As part of my degree, I have been involved in a wide range of engineering projects including a research project into the potential use of Computerised Tomography Fractional Flow Reserve (CT-FFR) as a replacement to traditional angiograms.

For my Masters project, I also completed a post-processing imaging project focused on assessing the impact of software specific imaging masks on quantitative medical image analysis.


My PhD project is focused on cardiac MRI and I look forward to contributing to the work of the CDT in Surgical and Interventional Engineering.


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