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Dr David Carmichael

Dr David Carmichael is a reader in MRI in the Biomedical Engineering Department within the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences at King’s College London. He has a background in MRI Physics, which over time has developed into a wider interest in developing and applying new combinations of imaging techniques to measure and understand the human brain across spatial and temporal scales.

David has a particular interest in the application of these methods in the study of epilepsy. Modern neuroimaging play a number of vital roles in this context. They can be used to non-invasively identify (map) epileptogenic brain regions. However, they can also go far beyond this and be used to measure the complex interactions between brain areas and how these relate to the unwanted synchronous brain activity found in epilespy. Crucially, both the mapping and characterisation of brain dynamics can inform and assess treatment approaches for example via surgery or electrical stimulation.

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