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Dr Isabel Dregely

Dr Isabel Dregely is a Senior Lecturer in PET/MRI Acquisition & Reconstruction in the Biomedical Engineering Department within the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences at King’s College London.

Her research interest is simultaneous PET/MR imaging. These hybrid systems have recently become available and promise a non-invasive comprehensive tissue characterization. However, the technology still faces the following limitations: 1) There is a mismatch between a complex multi-contrast MR vs. a simple “push-button” PET acquisition scan. 2) Patient motion during long scan acquisitions corrupts image quality. 3) There is no standardized procedure on how to combine the complex, multi-parametric information to generate clinically meaningful biomarkers of disease. To address these challenges, her research is focused on methods to integrate MRI and PET throughout acquisition, image reconstruction and post-processing. The clinical goals are to provide image-based quantitative information about the individual’s cancerous tissue biology to create opportunities to advance patient care.

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