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Dr Jana Hutter

Dr Jana Hutter is a Senior Research Fellow in the Biomedical Engineering Department within the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences at King’s College London.

Her research interests are in novel MRI acquisition and analysis methods able to depict and quantify simultaneously and efficiently tissue structure and function.


Her focus is thereby human development which she studies using MRI during pregnancy. This brings unique opportunities and insights into life before birth but also a number of challenges: These include among others the unpredictable motion of the fetus and dynamic processes such as contractions changing both the MR properties of tissue and the artifacts arising eg from air-tissue  boundaries. To address these challenges, Jana's research is focused on developing bespoke MRI techniques able to provide the most pertinent information fast and robust. The goals are to provide a quantitative image-based assessment of the pregnancy status to answer important clinical questions such as the optimal timing of delivery - ultimately creating opportunities for better patient care.

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