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Dr Jordi Alastruey

CDT SIE Director

Dr Jordi Alastruey is based in the Biomedical Engineering Department within the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences at King’s College London. His group ( studies blood flow in the cardiovascular system using clinical data and modelling (computational and experimental). They study methods for cardiovascular function assessment based on the analysis of pulse wave signals. These are produced by cardiac contraction, which generates a pulse wave that is transmitted through the arteries, leading to a rhythmical expansion and contraction of arteries (e.g. producing the pulse felt in the wrist). Pulse wave signals can be measured in vivo using a variety of devices and are influenced by the heart and the vasculature, making them a rich source of information on cardiovascular health.


Current projects in collaboration with medical doctors, imaging scientists and mathematicians include the development of algorithms for (i) reconstructing the central (aortic) blood pressure wave from the aortic flow wave acquired by MRI and (ii) investigating cardiovascular determinants of hypertension such as arterial stiffness and ventricular ejection.

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