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Dr Thomas Booth

Thomas C Booth is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Neuroimaging at King's College London and an Honorary Consultant Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiologist at King's College Hospital. His interests are in neuro-oncology imaging (including advanced MRI techniques and machine learning), neurovascular (aneurysm treatment; stroke imaging patient stratification); and incidental finding research (deep learning abnormality detection). Much of his focus is on brain tumour treatment response assessment using brain tumour MRI – he is reminded continuously how important neuro-oncology diagnostics are when presenting patients at the neuro-oncology multi-disciplinary team meetings in a busy London teaching hospital. 

Thomas sits on the National Cancer Research Institute Brain Tumour Committee, the Royal College of Radiologists Academic Committee and the Royal College of Radiologists AI Policy Reference Group. He was recently awarded the inaugural Royal College of Radiologists Outstanding Researcher Award.

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