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Mengjie Shi

Mengjie completed her Bachelor's degree from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China in 2019. Then, she chose to study for a Master’s degree in Communications and Signal Processing at Imperial College London. During that one-year program, she found her interests on medical imaging using state-of-art optical technologies and its clinical application, so after graduation she decided to conduct relevant research at King’s in 2020. 


Currently, her research interests focus on biomedical imaging modality especially photoacoustic imaging. She is under the project of multispectral photoacoustic imaging with affordable light sources. This project aims to improve the accuracy for oxygenation measurements in blood vessels and the maximum imaging depth using machine learning tools. Hopefully, it will be applied to help for the clinical diagnosis of NEC in the neonatal intensive care unit. 


Project: Multispectral photoacoustic imaging with affordable light sources


Mengjie Shi photo.png
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