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Oeslle Soares De Lucena

Oeslle graduated from the Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG) in Brazil in Electrical Engineering in 2016. During his undergraduate programme, he was awarded a year of an exchange programme at Western University in London, ON, Canada. For fourteen months, he attended two terms in the institution where he took courses for medical imaging and worked as a summer undergraduate researcher. Recently, he was awarded a diploma of M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the State University of São Paulo. During his Master’s, he was awarded an internship at the Translational Imaging Group in UCL for six months, where he worked with diffusion MRI.


Throughout his short academic career, he developed a strong knowledge in deep-learning for medical imaging analysis which resulted in being accepted as part of  King’s College London’s CDT team where he is currently doing his Ph.D. research applying deep learning approaches to diffusion MRI for neuronavigation.

Project: Learning diffusion MR from commercially available protocols: bringing advanced tractography into routine neurosurgical practice 

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