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Prof.  Anne Vanhoestenberghe

Prof. Anne  Vanhoestenberghe's research is in the field of neurotechnologies, from technological innovations to their interactions with the (human) nervous system. She develops technology for the next generation of implantable electronic devices to improve the quality of life of patients, through applications such as: neuromodulation and electrical stimulation for the restoration of movement in paralysed muscles; and biopotential recording for control of prosthesis and artificial organs.


Prof. Anne  Vanhoestenberghe is the Director of MAISI, a national facility for the Manufacture of Active Implants and Surgical Instruments housed at St Thomas' hospital. MAISI is not only a unique facility to manufacture the most complex medical devices, the  team brings together engineers and experts in regulatory affairs to support researchers, whether in academia or SMEs, to bring their ideas to the first tests in humans.

She trained as an engineer in Belgium (ULB) and the Netherlands (TUEindhoven), then had the opportunity to undertake a PhD under the supervision of Prof Donaldson in the Implanted Devices Group at UCL. She has worked in Germany (IMTEK, Freiburg) and Australia (UNSW, Sydney), where she  was fortunate to meet some of the most influential people in her career.

Prof. Vanhoestenberghe is  also a keen teacher with a concern for Diversity Equality and Inclusivity, who actively seeks new strategies to develop more inclusive learning spaces and improve the university experience of non-mainstream students. She  has  been an active member of the International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society (IMAPS-UK) since 2012.

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