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A list of filled projects

Integrating haptic and visual data for low latency transmission

Project reference: SIE_26 

First supervisor: Sebastien Ourselin

Second supervisor: Hongbin Liu

Industrial Project Partner: Huawei Group

Start date: October 2020


Computational extraction of semantic information from hyperspectral imaging for surgical guidance

Project reference: DTP_SIE_02 

First supervisor: Tom Vercauteren 
Second supervisor: Mads Bergholt

Start date: October 2020


Cardiac CT atrial motion to estimate atrial fibrosis burden

Project reference: DTP_SIE_20 

First supervisor: Steven Niederer
Second supervisor: Ronak Rajani

Start date: October 2020


 Intra-operative planning software for congenital cardiac surgery

Project reference: DTP_SIE_11 

First supervisor: Pablo Lamata 
Second supervisor: Simone Speggiorin, GSTT 

Start date: October 2020


Development of affordable minimally invasive endoscopic surgical tools for resource constrained operating rooms

Project reference: DTP_SIE_14 

First supervisor: Prashant Jha 
Second supervisor: Hongbin Liu

Start date: October 2020


Intelligent robotic echocardiography

Project reference: DTP_SIE_15 

First supervisor: Kawal Rhode 
Second supervisor: Christos Bergeles

Start date: October 2020 


Tele-operated robotic thrombectomy in acute stroke

Project reference: DTP_SIE_18 

First supervisor: Thomas Booth 
Second supervisor: Kawal Rhode 

Start date: October 2020


Bioinspired fluidic sensing and actuating for soft endoscopic robots

Project reference: SIE_21  

First supervisor: Hongbin Liu 
Second supervisor: Wenfeng Xia 

Start date: October 2020


Development of robotic imaging for microrobotic surgery

Project reference: SIE_22 

First supervisor: Christos Bergeles 
Second supervisor: Sebastien Ourselin 

Start date: October 2020


Artificial smart valve for bag-free stoma

Project reference: SIE_24 

First supervisor: Sebastien Ourselin 
Second supervisor: Carlo Seneci 

Start date: October 2020  


Photoacoustic endomicroscopy probe for guiding neurosurgical procedures

Project reference: SIE_27 

First supervisor: Wenfeng Xia 
Second supervisor: Hongbin Liu 

Start date: October 2020


Surgical phase recognition and video labelling to improve outcomes in robot assisted radical prostatectomy

Project reference: SIE_05_21  
First supervisor: Sebastien Ourselin 
Second supervisor: Prokar Dasgupta 

Start date: June  2021


MRI-guidance for improved ventricular tachycardia ablation

Project reference: DTP_SIE_10

First supervisor: Sebastien Roujol

Second supervisor: Rene Botnar

Start date: October 2021


Learning ablation volumes of laser interstitial thermal therapy (LiTT) for computer-assisted planning in minimally invasive neurosurgery

Project reference: DTP_SIE_06 
First supervisor: Rachel Sparks 
Second supervisor: Sebastien Ourselin 

Start Date: October 2021 


Intraoperative hyperspectral imaging for neurosurgery: Surgical workflow optimisation and validation

Project reference: SIE_02_21
First supervisor: Jonathan Shapey 
Second supervisor: Tom Vercauteren

Start date: October 2021


Interoperable three-dimensional medical device tracking with a fibre-optic ultrasound transmitter

Project reference: DTP_SIE_08 
First supervisor: Wenfeng Xia 
Second supervisor: Tom Vercauteren 

Start date:  October 2021

Development, modelling and control of micro-scale steerable soft growing robots for intraluminal interventions

Project reference: SIE_01_22

First supervisor: Christos Bergeles

Second supervisor: Kawal Rhode

Start date: February 2022

Investigating thrombosis formation in replacement aortic valves

Project reference: DTP_SIE_17

First supervisor: Jack Lee

Second supervisor: Tiffany Patterson

Start date: October 2022

Contextual AI for tool-tissue interaction-related surgical tasks

Project reference: SIE_08_22

First supervisor: Alejandro Granados

Second supervisor: Jonathan Shapey

Start date: October 2022

AI-driven autonomous robot thrombectomy in acute stroke 

Project reference:  SIE_10_22
First supervisor:  Thomas Booth
Second supervisor:  Alejandro Granados Martinez

Start date: October 2022

 Improving endovascular repair of aortic aneurysms using haemodynamic modelling

Project reference:  SIE_12_22
First supervisor:  Dr Jordi Alastruey
Second supervisor:  Prof. Kawal Rhode

Third supervisor:  Mr Said Abisi-Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon

Fourth supervisor:  Mr Hany Zayed-Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon

Start date: October 2022

 Blood coagulation modelling to inform stroke risk stratification and intervention planning in COVID-19 patients with atrial fibrillation

Co-supervisor: Oleg Aslanidi

Co-supervisor: Adelaide De Vecchi

Start date: February 2023

Blood flow dynamics assessment within the Supera stent in the common femoral and popliteal arteries

First supervisor:  Hany Zayed

Second supervisor:   Pablo Lamata

Third supervisor:  Jordi Alastruey

Start date:  October  2023

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