PhD Projects 


Each of our PhD projects give students the opportunity take part in world-leading research, observing the translational pathway.

Development, modelling and control of micro-scale steerable soft growing robots for intraluminal interventions 

Image and Simulation Guided Lead Less Endocardial Physiological CRT  

Robot-assisted ultrasonic microsurgery

Dual-Modal Multi-Aperture Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Imaging for Guiding Minimally Invasive Surgery

Automated image-based registration of ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging for endoscopic endonasal surgery

 Contextual AI for tool-tissue interaction-related surgical tasks

Joint learning of stereo vision reconstruction and hyperspectral imaging upsampling for binocular surgical guidance

AI-driven autonomous robot thrombectomy in acute stroke

Improving the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral artery disease using computational modelling

 Blood coagulation modelling to inform stroke risk stratification and intervention planning in COVID-19 patients with atrial fibrillation

Image-based computational system for guiding ablation treatment of atrial arrhythmias

Using computational fluid mechanics and Artificial Intelligence for Risk Assessment and Guidance of Stroke Neuroradiological Interventions

Simultaneous Doppler US-low field MRI to enable comprehensive image-guided fetal intervention of the future

Investigating thrombosis formation in replacement aortic valves

Safe and accurate imaging of implants for Epilepsy treatments using a parallel transmit RF coil array.

Device safety and visualisation in MRI-guided cardiac catheterisation

A list of  filled projects



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Development of a flexible microrobotic solution for early breast cancer diagnosis

Artificial smart valve for bag-free stoma

Artificial smart valve for bag-free stoma