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Dionysis Malas

Dionysis graduated with an MEng Mechatronic Engineering degree from the University of Manchester in 2020. He realised what is the preferred professional career he would like to pursue from a young age and after a patellar dislocation for which, due to surgical error, he had to be operated on several times. The incident intrigued him to become a Medical Robotics researcher in order to help in the development of innovative solutions to precision surgical procedures. 

His research interest includes the lack of tactile feedback in medical robotics systems and tool, which is a widely cited disadvantage associated with robotics. Currently he is a PhD student trying to develop a novel technique to enable real-time force and shape sensing of an endoscopic tool called, MorphGI.  


Project: Bioinspired fluidic sensing and actuating for soft endoscopic robots 


Dionysios Malas photo.jpg
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